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living beyond limits

Resentment. We all feel it from time to time.

It’s like the invisible undertow in the ocean that sweeps away even the most experienced swimmer. It pulls at us. It sucks us down into a pit of bitterness.

We hold a grudge. We secretly fume about what he said or she did. We keep a running list of how we’ve been wronged. We review how we’ve been hurt.

It is subtle until it is sudden.

Before we know it we’ve got this fire of anger in us and it’s sucking all the oxygenfrom our joy. We thought we had the right to feel resentful; after all, we weren’t treated fairly. But, then that right to be angry morphs into a rigor mortis that paralyzes us.

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It keeps us from joy. It suffocates our happiness, and we become so locked up that we feel we can’t let it go .

Anger is the fire that sucks all the oxygen from our joy. [Click to Tweet]

Is it really worth it?

1. Does my resentment really serve me well?

Sometimes we keep the resentment burner simmering because we think it is fueling us — helping us hold on to our dignity or our position. But, really, all that heat is eating a hole in our souls. Resentment grows into anger and anger doesn’t serve us, it chains us up and keeps us from feeling free. Really, when you think about it, it is just plain counter-productive. We think we are the ones holding on to anger, but after a while, it is anger that has a hold on us. It doesn’t make our lives better, it just makes us more bitter.

Anger never serves us, it enslaves us. [Click to Tweet]
2. Does my resentment change my situation for the better?

Somehow we think that if we hold on to resentment it will hold our violator captive. The longer they are imprisoned by our wrath, the sooner they will change their ways. We hope our resentment emits some invisible force field that slowly but surely draws our NYC FOOTWEAR Lowtops amp; sneakers Pantone d9xcOPKb17
. Then everything will be better. But resentment doesn’t change anything except us… it ushers in bitterness and leads to rage .

Resentment only makes a situation worse and it always brings out our worst.

The psalmist said it best: Refrain from anger and turn from wrath; do not fret, it leads only to evil . Womens 427502e6l Biker Boots Bullboxer pJ5tatp

Anger brings out our worst and makes everything worse. [Click to Tweet]
3. Does my resentment improve my relationship with God and others?

Resentment hinders relationships because it keeps us from believing the best about the person we resent . It keeps us from really knowing, trusting, forgiving and enjoying the person who we’re mad at. Every time we rehearse why we’re angry, we form a brick of bitterness and stack it on the wall we’re building between ourselves and that person.


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Fine Gardening
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By Ken Textor
With the short growing season here in Maine, I’d rather spend time gardening than tending to my tools. I’ll admit that in the past I’ve put away shovels that were dirty and rusty, set aside dull and stained hoes, and “fixed” the cracked handle of my favorite rake with a tight wrapping of electrician’s tape. As a result, my tools didn’t work as well as they should have. I’ve learned since then, though, that the time I wasted struggling with dull or broken tools would be better spent with a brief, regular maintenance regime and more efficient, productive hours in the garden.
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Clean tools last longer

If nothing else, tools should be cleaned after each use. Doing so keeps diseases, fungi, insect eggs, and weed seeds from being unwittingly spread around the garden. Cleaning also extends the life of a tool by removing moisture-laden, rustenhancing soil from steel surfaces. For tools with a keen edge, a good cleaning keeps rust from eating the edge away.

Spades, rakes, hoes, trowels, and any other tools that come into contact with soil should be hosed off with water after each use. With the garden hose nozzle adjusted for maximum pressure, average garden soil washes away easily. To remove heavy clay soil, some scrubbing with a hard bristle brush also may be necessary. After washing any tool, dry it with a cotton rag before putting it away.

Tools that don’t come in contact with soil, particularly those with sharpened edges like axes, pruning shears, and knives, should be wiped down with a thick, rough cotton cloth to remove any gums and saps from their blades. When working on pitch-producing plants like conifers, dampen the cloth with a little paint thinner before wiping. In all cases, once dirt and residue are removed, dry the tool with a clean cotton rag.

Apply oil to prevent rust

Even after washing and drying, steel tool heads are still susceptible to rust when exposed to oxygen. In fact, as a general rule, the better the grade of steel used, the more vulnerable it is to rusting. So, considering the high cost of quality gardening tools, it just makes sense to keep rusting to a minimum.

Motor oil is an inexpensive and effective rust preventer. When applied to steel surfaces, the oil insulates the steel and prevents it from oxidizing. To thin the oil out and make it easier to work with and to better coat both porous and smooth steel surfaces, I mix one quart of nondetergent 30W motor oil (any brand will do) with a pint of kerosene or lamp oil. This 2:1 ratio of oil to kerosene can either then be wiped onto the steel surface with a clean cotton rag or sprayed on to metal surfaces—a recycled household-cleaner spray bottle works for me. Store the mixture away from heat sources and dispose of it as you would any motor oil.

Whichever way the oil is applied, keep the coating thin so it won’t drip off the tool head and onto the floor. Because oil is organically based and breaks down rapidly in soil, you don’t have to worry about this small amount of oil adversely affecting your soils.

Extremely rusty tools require special attention. I use a sheet of 80-grit sandpaper to remove light coatings of rust. For a slightly heavier coat, a stiff wire brush can be effective. But, when rust has turned a steel surface rough, like the texture of medium-grit sandpaper, a heavy-handed approach is needed. On badly pitted steel surfaces like those on tools you find at yard sales, the quickest and most sensible option is an electric drill with a wirebrush attachment.

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Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

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The Americans


Accepting his party’s nomination on July 18, 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “I am complimented by the honor you have done me.” | AP Photo

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On this day in 1940, delegates to the Democratic National Convention, meeting in Chicago, nominated Franklin D. Roosevelt to an unprecedented third presidential term. A two-term precedent, inserted in the U.S. Constitution as the 22nd Amendment after Roosevelt’s death in the fourth month of his fourth term, had been established by President George Washington when he declined to seek a third term in 1796.

In a 3,500-word acceptance address, delivered after midnight, Roosevelt said, “It is with a very full heart that I speak tonight. I must confess that I do so with mixed feelings — because I find myself, as almost everyone does sooner or later in his lifetime, in a conflict between deep personal desire for retirement on the one hand, and that quiet, invisible thing called ‘conscience’ on the other.”

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World War II was in its first year, and the threat of direct U.S. involvement in that struggle, he added, caused him to run. As FDR put it: “I am complimented by the honor you have done me. But I know you will understand the spirit in which I say that no call of party alone would prevail upon me to accept reelection to the presidency. The real decision to be made in these circumstances is not the acceptance of a nomination, but rather an ultimate willingness to serve if chosen by the electorate of the United States.”

At stake, FDR, said, was “the continuance of civilization as we know it versus the ultimate destruction of all that we have held dear — religion against godlessness; the ideal of justice against the practice of force; moral decency versus the firing squad; courage to speak out, and to act, versus the false lullaby of appeasement.”


‘These guys need to wake up’: House Republicans badly outraised in midterms

Roosevelt sought to position himself as a president grappling with a European war and above the political fray. Nonetheless, he needed to sweep aside challenges from James Farley of New York, the U.S. postmaster general, and from Vice President John Nance Garner.

Farley also chaired the Democratic National Committee and was the party’s patronage guru. Before they came to a less than amiable parting over the third-term issue, Farley was chiefly responsible for having cobbled together the New Deal coalition of urban Catholics, labor unions, African-Americans and farmers which, when added to the “Solid South,” first propelled FDR to the presidency in 1932.

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